Haas Park Field House and Expansion Project

I have been getting involved in the Haas Park Field House and Expansion project in my neighborhood of Logan Square. The Chicago Park District and the Public Building Commission presented a proposal of a new field house at a community meeting so I worked with the neighbors and HAAS Park Advisory Council to create a site plan that showed the community’s concerns and issues such as orientation of the building on the site, connections to streets, views and programmatic changes to the plan. I also took the liberty to show how pedestrian paths could link the new building with the existing play lot on the site so the three separate areas of the park feel less disjointed. Our presentation was a huge success, and all our suggestions were taken into consideration.

Check out the Haas Park Advisory Council website for more details. A bowling benefit for Haas Park will take place Sunday, May 17th at the Fireside Bowl. See the full details by clicking “Read More.”