Support the National Public Housing Museum

The National Public Housing Museum has applied for federal funding and needs your help!

Please support the National Public Housing Museum’s federal appropriation request. We will be able to put 70 plus people to work immediately with construction jobs and upon opening will provide 30 full and part-time permanent jobs. Additionally, our feasibility study projects that we will welcome over 60,000 visitors to the near West Side and the city of Chicago in the first year, generating revenue that will benefit the city and community.

For more information, including a customizable letter to Congressman Danny Davis, see the NPHM website.

Below is a video of a model based on the museum’s design by Landon Bone Baker Architects. The National Public Housing Museum involves phased conversion of the 33,000 square-feet Jane Adams Housing Project located at 1322 W Taylor St. The model is currently displayed in History Comes Home, an exhibition at the Merchandise Mart.