Shadelab Receives Special Recognition from the Association of Architecture Organizations

Shadelab, a program created by Landon Bone Baker Architects with Public Workshop and Latin United Community Housing Association, was selected for “Special Recognition” by the U.S. Jury for the Architecture & Children Golden Cubes Awards.

The UIA Golden Cubes Awards were organized to recognize, encourage, and support those individuals and organizations that lay the foundations of an architectural culture and help children and young people, from pre-school up to age 18, to understand architectural design and the processes by which our environment is shaped. Winners of the United States contest cover all Golden Cubes awards categories, a recognition of the diverse settings in which architecture education takes place.

In the summer of 2010, Shadelab created the structure for a small group of talented student interns to actively research and engage with the “wellness” of their own neighborhood community. The participants used high-tech sensors and other self-made measuring devices to record data about temperature, air quality, energy efficiency and noise in Humboldt Park. Accompanying weekly design charrettes—”Smartlucks”—allowed the students to present and discuss the data with the architects of Landon Bone Baker and other community partners. You can read more about the project, find data and read reports from the students on Shadelab’s website.