ABC7 Chicago Highlights Humboldt Park Mural Arts Program

The Humboldt Park Mural Arts Program (HPMAP) has included nearly a dozen of Humboldt Park’s 68 murals in a new tour and educational curriculum for students and families. HPMAP, organized by the non-profit, arts-based community development organization archi-treasures, promotes murals as local destinations and uses them as a tool to revitalize the health, well-being, and vitality of Humboldt Park. This civic engagement project has developed neighborhood tours for biking and walking, a web-based mural guide designed and produced by youth from all over Chicago, and a school-based curriculum for teachers to use on walking field trips with their students. Two recently restored historic murals are featured in the tour.

The initiative also includes hands on workshops, such as Family Mural Day. The second annual Free Family Mural Day will take place on Sunday, July 28, 1-4PM at The Institute of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture. Guest artists and curators will help with the mural production. All ages are welcome. Free materials and refreshments will be provided. Learn more if you’re interested in volunteering!