Harvest Commons Apartments Combines ‘Good Design with Technological Prowess’

Have you picked up the latest issue of Chicago Architect? The feature article, “Get Smart,” champions Harvest Commons Apartments as a “Smartly Rehabbed Affordable Housing” project, which combines physical, digital, and performance-based infrastructures to enhance efficiency:

“The restorative touches mingle with smart technology, such as a building-wide intranet that will connect to a bank of screens that show residents the real-time energy usage of their 250- to 300-square-foot units. The building’s connectivity will also allow Harvest Commons to take transit-oriented development to the next level, with a set of monitors displaying arrival times for every bus and train line that runs adjacent to the site… Standing atop the permeable pavement between the on-site urban farm (most of the building’s former parking lot is now dedicated to farming) and the refurbished yellow face brick, [Jeff] Bone says the building is about ‘sneaking new technology into an old frame.'”

Check out the full write-up in the digital edition of Chicago Architect.