Rebuilding Exchange Promotes Sustainable Deconstruction at Diplomat SRO

Landon Bone Baker Architects is collaborating with the Rebuilding Exchange (RX) on the design and production of reclaimed wood furniture and fixtures for the Diplomat SRO project. Using salvaged wood joists and framing material from the construction site, RX is producing 51 small dining tables, 51 personal mirrors, and coffee and game tables for the community lounge, as well as wood paneling for the common spaces throughout the building. LBBA’s Jeff Bone and Victor Jimenez stopped by the RX warehouse this morning and observed the process of transforming salvaged wood pieces into finished furniture.

In addition to developing a unique channel for building waste reduction and the creation of quality reuse materials, RX has launched Chicago’s first building deconstruction and reuse warehouse job training program. RX plans to lead future Diplomat residents and Thresholds members to produce coat racks for each housing unit at the Diplomat and to understand the value and opportunities associated with this growing industry. Our partnership with RX is as much about developing sustainable construction practices as it is about creating valuable opportunities for residents. Through this innovative rehab model, we are working with the community to retell the story of the Diplomat and shape a positive image for the new property.

The gut rehabilitation of this former single-room occupancy hotel is nearing completion and is scheduled for occupancy in late December. Thresholds and Brinshore Development will host a grand opening event this winter.