Parks for All? Affordable housing battles rising rents along Chicago’s newest park.

3-Flat-A-Color_revisedCheck out The Architect’s Newspaper article featuring “Tierra Linda,” a Latin United Community Housing Association (LUCHA) project, that consists of 43 units of affordable housing near The 606, Chicago’s new linear park and bike corridor. The article includes an interview with Charlene Andreas, LUCHA’s Director of Building Development and LBBA principal, Catherine Baker.

“We’re serving some of the last opportunities in this area to provide affordable housing,” said Charlene Andreas, LUCHA’s Director of Building Development.

Tierra Linda is one of a half dozen affordable housing projects near The 606 that will comprise more than 300 residences, according to the city’s Department of Planning and Development.

LBBA, LUCHA, and the wider network of area non-profit affordable housing advocates said The 606 will have an overall positive impact on its low-income neighbors. They said the diversity-retaining elements of affordable housing are as much a selling point as new park space, or the accompanying commercial development.

“What makes me optimistic is the amount of support that came with all of the community meetings,” said Catherine Baker of LBBA. “There were a lot of new people to Humboldt Park, and they specifically moved [there] because of the diversity; they liked the mix of incomes, and they want to keep it that way. They’re fighting for that, and they’re the newcomers.”