A Tiny Home Community for Chicago

“what struck me is that everyone i went to about this…no one said this can’t be done. no one said it’s impossible. it’s a matter of solving a series of challenges and problems.”

– Eithne McManamin, Tiny Homes Summit, April 2016

At the recent ‘Tiny Homes Summit,’ Jeff Bone and Eithne McMenamin presented their planned development for a tiny homes community in Chicago. The project aims to be a case study for tiny house development in Chicago.


“we have spent a number of meetings with the city. our goal was to really do something. we realized right off the bat that we needed to meet with the city, select a property, and make a proposal that they could react to.”  – Jeff Bone, Tiny Homes Summit, April 2016


Together with communities, advocates, and city officials, the team hopes to overcome some of the challenges currently preventing tiny homes from being built, like Chicago’s building and zoning codes and a lack of community acceptance.




Watch their presentation to the summit for a look into the project and how tiny houses can address larger issues of social justice and housing stability.

You can find the full lineup of ‘Tiny Homes Summit’ videos here.

The goal of the tiny homes summit hosted by the pride action tank—a project of the aids foundation of chicago—the windy city times, and lead sponsor polk bros. foundation alongside uic’s gender and sexuality center and the alphawood foundation was to determine what is possible in chicago and to take deliberate steps toward making a tiny homes community in the city a reality. see www.chicagotinyhomes.com.