City of Chicago: Housing Strategies for a Thriving City, Five Year Housing Plan

As a member of the 2019-2023 Five Year Housing Plan Advisory Group, LBBA Principal Jeff Bone participated in the 2018 visioning sessions along with 120 housing advocates. LBBA has a firm-wide belief that housing is a human right so we are eager to contribute to discussions affecting not only our clients but also the greater good.

One of LBBA’s ideas was to create a City Housing Design Studio at DPD to develop an ongoing collaborative effort between professionals, academics, students, youth, residents, and communities to research and innovate community-based housing practices with an emphasis on creating and preserving affordable housing in Chicago’s neighborhoods. Case studies and inspiration include: unconventional housing like alley flats and coach houses; intergenerational housing; live/work options; and best practices for sustainability and energy-efficiency. Incorporation of the Studio at the city level was accepted as part of the five-year vision—check it out on page 43 of the PDF!

The dialogue on affordable housing and equitable development continued on December 11, 2018, with the Chicago Housing Initiative’s Mayoral Candidates Forum, attended by Kevin Taylor, Hope Dinsmore, and Terran Wilson of LBBA. Six candidates answered questions from institutions around Chicago on the ARO, rent control, preservation of affordable housing, senior housing, accessible housing, homeless services, and environmental justice.

Housing Strategies for a Thriving City, Five Year Housing Plan