Peter Exley for 2021 President-Elect

LBBA believes that affordable housing is essential to a strong and equitable community.
We enthusiastically support Peter Exley for AIA 2020 First Vice President/2021 President!

Peter believes that a range of programs presenting choice, variety, community, and access to services are critical factors in policy development, versus any singular focus.

Peter will continue his visible advocacy for congressional momentum, at a time when Federal support and funding appears to be waning. He believes that AIA can support the crafting of local and federal policy; via documented and built evidence of appropriate and relevant solutions (in plentiful supply throughout membership, and in AIA Film Challenge winning entries). These programs demonstrate to lawmakers that architects not only have a will to intervene in this crisis, but we also have a way to solve it.

Read more about why Peter should be elected AIA 2021 President and how he’ll respond to AIA’s challenges in this article by Architect Magazine.