Exhibition + Research

South Chicago Micro Housing + Makers Space, Chicago, IL

During the height of South Chicago’s population, the U.S. Steel South Works Plant was the primary source of jobs in the area. When the plant was shut down in 1992, the population decreased drastically. Job markets in today’s time are slowly realizing a maker/seller platform, resulting in the establishment of a variety of small cottage…

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20K House Research, Hale County, AL

What’s a 20K House? The 20K House project began in 2005 as an ongoing Rural Studio research project addressing the need for affordable housing in Hale County, Alabama. With nearly 30% of individuals in Hale County living in poverty, the 20K House has evolved to become a well-built, affordable house for everyone. Landon Bone Baker…

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Chicago Public School Design Competition, Chicago, IL

In 2000, the Chicago Public School System sponsored a competition to design a universally accessible grade school that could accommodate a large percentage of physically impaired students. The program of the school also involved the “small school” concept, meaning that several disparate schools of lower population would coexist in one structure. We extended this idea…

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