Good design is for everyone.

This belief has guided our practice for over 30 years.

As gentrification in Chicago swept northwest and pushed affordability southwest, the goal of providing architecturally significant, yet affordable options to as many people as possible expanded.

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Peter Landon, FAIA, LEED AP

Founder and Principal of Landon Bone Baker Architects, Peter Landon is known for his community-based inner city planning, development, and design work. He is a champion of “social conscious” and diversity in design, and supports neighborhood revitalization efforts across Chicago. Peter believes that architects are essential community members.

Jeff Bone, FAIA

Jeff Bone was named Principal at Landon Bone Baker Architects in 1999. Jeff and the firm had learned early on that not all clients are the same; developers are well-versed in the design/build processes whereas non-profit community based-organizations are armed with a clear vision but do not always have an architecture vocabulary.

Catherine Baker, AIA

After receiving her Bachelor of Architecture from Ball State University, Catherine Baker earned a Master of Arts in Social Sciences at the University of Chicago. Both disciplines share some fundamental underpinnings that pertain to the work of Landon Bone Baker Architects; understanding people, understanding problems, making connections, and developing programmatic solutions.

The office regularly participate in national and local conferences, panel discussions, lectures, and exhibitions with the goal of moving the bar forward and sharing ideas to ultimately bring better design to our projects and the greater architectural community.

On The Table: Tools to Create Affordable, Resilient, and Sustainable Neighborhoods

What are the tools or incentives to preserve affordable housing in areas with heavy gentrification? How do we ensure that the public’s voice is heard? As part of the 2017 On The Table held in May, the Lawyers‘ Committee for Better Housing brought together people interested in affordable housing and community development to map a vision for Chicago’s communities…
Seated audience gathered around presenters at the first Ethical Redevelopment Salon Session

Reflecting on the Ethical Redevelopment Salon Series

This text first appeared in “Ethical Redevelopment Salon Sessions: Written Reflections,” published by The University of Chicago and Place Lab. It documents our experience participating in the year-long Salon Series and our ambitions for architects to promote equity within the urban environment. Learn more about Place Lab’s work and the 9 Principles of Ethical Redevelopment…

In 2010, the firm founded LBBA Labs, a locally and nationally recognized summer program that provides an entry point for young designers into community design and empowers local residents.

Impact Internships for Teens

The LBBA Labs program operates under the philosophy that youth excel when they are integrated in the work of professionals and are given a high degree of responsibility and leadership opportunities.

For six weeks, the teen architects partner with a community organization to address a question or issue within a current LBBA project. The participants—their work, their ideas, and their energy—have a direct effect on the work of the firm and are the catalyst to encourage broader community involvement and change.

Knothead Furniture is an ongoing collaboration with LBBA that designs furniture for single-room occupancy buildings, supportive housing projects, commercial spaces, and residential homes.

Simple Furniture Built to Last

Together, with input from craftsmen and clients, LBBA designs with affordability in mind and regularly integrates customized furniture into new and rehab architectural projects.

As soon as you walk in here, you feel warmth. The proportions, the lighting, the color, the energy...everything about this speaks love.

— Mark Ishaug on Buffett Place, CEO, Thresholds