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20K House Finds First Developer

“…the bigger challenge is fitting a house that’s completely different than normal into the existing system of zoning, and codes, how contractors do their jobs, and even mortgages.” Rural Studio’s 20K House is moving from Project to Product in an effort to bring affordable considerate housing to a broader market. Their first field test is…

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Chicago Leads the Rural Studio 20K City Challenge

Thank you to all who supported Auburn University Rural Studio at the community dinner and fundraising event on Sunday, August 25. It’s official: Chicago is the first city to reach the $20,000 goal! The 20K City Challenge will continue through December 6 — Meaning the prize for overall fundraising is still up for grabs! What’s…

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A Modern Concept Transforms a Rural Place

Rural Studio (RS) has been improving living conditions of the rural south since it was formed in 1993 by two of Alabama’s Auburn University architecture professors. LBBA’s Alabama native and AU alumni, Terran Wilson, completed her thesis work with Rural Studio. The plans students help create can be used by contractors and their clients to…

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