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Heiwa Terrace, Chicago, IL

Heiwa Terrace Building Exterior Rendering

Heiwa Terrace is an existing 201-unit residential development that provides subsidized housing for seniors and disabled persons in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. In addition to the residential units, the facility includes ground-floor common areas and offices for building administration and service providers. Heiwa Terrace will undergo substantial renovations and reconfigurations that include: improvements to several building…

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Miriam Apartments, Chicago, IL

Miriam Apartments Main Entry

Located in a historic district of Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, The Miriam Apartments were originally built in 1925 as a home for senior citizens. The four-story brick building was acquired by Mercy Housing in 1991 and transformed into an affordable housing complex for women who were otherwise unable to afford a home, making it the first…

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Chicago Tribune: As Wilson Men’s Hotel prepares to close for renovations, a look at shrinking number of SROs in Chicago

Collage showing hall, front elevation, bedroom, dining area, and lobby of Wilson Men's Hotel

The Chicago Tribune recently published an article about the Wilson Men’s Hotel, a single-room-occupancy (SRO) hotel in Uptown, that is preparing to close for renovations under a new owner. This is extremely unsettling for it’s current residents who likely won’t be able to afford rent after the updates are made, especially if they’re on fixed…

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Kenmore Plaza, Chicago, IL

Elderly couple sitting on bench outside main entrance of Kenmore Plaza

Kenmore Plaza is the moderate rehab of a 324-unit, 28-story residential high-rise for seniors in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. Originally constructed in 1973, the building was acquired by the Kenmore Plaza Tenants Association in 1997 with proceeds provided by HUD under LIHPRHA (Low Income Housing Preservation and Resident Homeownership Act). LIHPRHA was enacted to preserve the…

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Uptown Preservation Phase 3, Chicago, IL

2632 Clifton Magnolia Elevation 2

This project is the third phase of the Uptown Preservation Apartments Rehab. Located in the historical district of the Uptown neighborhood, this project is the moderate rehab of  2 existing 1920’s residential courtyard buildings composing of 59 affordable rental units.  These buildings were last rehabbed in the late 80s and require a moderate amount of…

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Uptown Preservation Phase 1, Chicago, IL

2605 Uptown Phase 1 Exterior

Uptown Preservation Apartments Phase 1 is a moderate rehab project of 3 existing 1920’s midrise buildings consisting of 77 affordable rental units. These buildings were rehabbed in the late 80s and require a moderate amount of repairs. The scope was a moderate rehab securing the building envelope with extensive exterior building shell work including new…

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850 W. Eastwood Apartments, Chicago, IL

2206 850 Eastwood Banner

850 Eastwood was the first building in the country to take advantage of HUD’s LIPRA (Low Income Preservation Act) program intended to renew Section 236 programs and HUD 221(d)(3) developments. Chicago Community Development Corporation partnered with the Voice of the People as the first non-profit to obtain a grant to buy the building from the…

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