All Projects: Listed by Date

Tierra Linda 3-flat on Sawyer Ave near the 606

Tierra Linda



The Carling Hotel exterior from an angle looking Southwest

Carling SRO

Colorful site map of Tiny Home Village

Inspiration Square

Highland Green row of townhomes at sunrise

Highland Green

Elderly couple sitting on bench outside main entrance of Kenmore Plaza

Kenmore Plaza

IFF Access Housing 2032 W Dickens rehab elevation

IFF Access Housing

City Gardens

3-Flat Brick and Precast Multifamily Affordable Housing with Metal Bays in Summer

Park Place

Phil B. Curls Manor west elevation daytime

Phil B. Curls Manor


Gwendolyn Place

Sketch of Woodlawn Park with some color from aerial view

Woodlawn Park

1123 West Humbolt Banner

West Humboldt Place

Colorful home sign made from salvaged wood at Fred and Pamela Buffett Place facing the lobby

Buffett Place

Colorful hand drawn rendering of Savoy Square from aerial view

Legends South

20K House Research

Cambridge Manor

PRAA Cultural Center

1206 629 Colfax Front

629 Colfax

2616 Savoy Square 4

Savoy Square

Westhaven Park

2820 A Safe Place Entrance

A Safe Place

2506 Lawndale Gateway 6 Flat

Lawndale Gateway

2208 Hansberry Square 1

Hansberry Square

Park Boulevard

2326 Worthington House Exterior 1

Worthington House

2411 1610 S. Halsted Rendering

1610 S. Halsted

Douglass Square

2321 McDonnell Cottage Exterior

McDonnell Cottage

2203 Howell Addition Exterior 1

Howell Addition

2004 Dune Acres Exterior

Dune Acres

9801 Archer Phase 2 Rendering

Archer Courts

2109 Woodson Complex Elevation

Woodson Complex

LUCHA Madres Unidas

9809 Tresholds South Front

Thresholds South

Sunlight hitting the facade of Pilsen Gateway

Pilsen Gateway

Yellow brick exterior of Los Vecinos SRO

Los Vecinos SRO

2205 Arcadia Townhomes Exterior

Arcadia Townhouses

Fishman Residence

2008 Baukol Dentistry Collage

Baukol Dentistry

9828 The Bucktownes Exterior

The Bucktownes

9904 3500 W. Belmont Exterior 2

3500 W. Belmont

Davis Cottages

9517 Smith Residence Front

Smith Residence

9104 Open Door Shelter Unit

Open Door Shelter

8914 Idema Living Room


Davis Residence