Green Homes for Chicago Design Competition, Chicago, IL

This competition entry for the design of affordable green housing won honorable mention in the international Green Homes for Chicago competition sponsored by the City of Chicago Department of Housing and Environment. The competition, held in 2001, aimed to illustrate the affordability of green design and its potential in the marketplace, while also helping working families into home ownership. The project philosophy envisioned using a holistic strategy combining design, environmental, and social ideals to create community housing.

The project features three energy-efficient modern bungalow homes surrounding a shared natural landscaped garden. The homes utilize passive stack effect ventilation where cooler, denser air at the bottom of the central stairway is pulled upward and through operable windows at the top, cooling the house even on hot summer days. The homes have deep roof overhangs that shade the home in the sun and allow windows to remain open during rainy weather. The homes were also designed to allow easy expansion for growing families that would not increase the building footprint.

As a semi-finalist, the project was part of the "Green Homes for Chicago" exhibit held at the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

Englewood, Chicago, IL